Puppy Party Planning for your Pet

Birthday Parties For Kids

$300.00 $500.00


Our Ultimate Puppy Party Birthday Party Package includes everything you need for your beloved dog's birthday party. Whether it's a bark-mitzvah or adoption day celebration, a dog birthday party brings out our playfulness - it's all about celebrating the connection we have with our pets. A unique puppy-inspired party is a great chance for all your pet's best friends (and their parents too!) to get together and have fun.  Invite your friends, your children's playmates or your puppy friends!!  Puppy Party Planners will help you can throw a well-deserved birthday bonanza for your dog.


​Guest list and invitations

Treasure Hunt

Birthday Hats

Dress Up Time for both you and your Puppy

Photo Booth (your device)

Game Time for You & Puppy

Puppy Talent Show

Arts & Crafts for You (Make Your Own Stuffed Puppy)

Gift Giving and Birthday Cake

Take Home Doggie Bags

Birth Certificate



Join The Fun