Real Look-A-Like Tattoos or Glitter

Birthday Parties For Kids



No Pain - ALL GAIN!!

Just launched this year, Real-Matte answers the questions - "Is It a Real Tattoo"?  We use high definition stencils, the Real Matte Tattoo Inc creates a real-looking tattoo without pain and permanence.  Waterproof and lasting up to 3-5 days, Real-Matte is a great alternative to Henna and dries in half the time.  


All of the new High-Definition stencils allow us to cater to teens and adults who have always wanted to take a "walk on the wilde side!  The amount of "realness" and detail that we are able to create will have you coming. back for seconds (and thirds!)  All tattoos are hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested.  


Invite us to your Real-Looking Tattoo birthday party or event.  We will tattoo up to fifteen people at the cost of $200.  Add $15 per person after the 15th.  






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