Montreal School, Daycare, and Summer Camp Activities and Entertainment

Do you run a childcare centre, school daycare, or summer camp in the Greater Montreal area? With Birthday Parties for Kids, you can plan exciting entertainment for a day off with our wide selection of hands-on activities.

Creative Activities

Our most popular packages will allow the children under your care to.  We offer an $8 discount per child on the following packages.  Regular pricing is $26 per child.  

  • make a teddy bear 
  • make a teddy bear - 11 inch animals - $13 each
  • make and tie-dye their own teddy 
  • make a talking doll 
  • paint their own t-shirt
  • pottery painting cafe 
  • cotton candy machine 
  • decorate your own frame

Beloved Story Characters

Why not invite one of our professional mascots to entertain the children under your care? Elmo, Pikaman, Mr. and Ms. Mouse,  Yellow Man with Big Glasses and many other children’s characters would love to sing songs, go on treasure hunts and adventures, show off their balloon sculpting skills, and pose for pictures with the children.