Cooking Birthday Party

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Cooking Birthday Party

$26 per child, including animation, transportation, all cooking supplies and your loot bag.

Boys and girls love baking!! We'll bake Teddy Bear Cookies at our "We Come to You" Cooking Birthday party. Children participate in treasure hunt for Chef's Hat and Apron.  

Arts & Crafts is next on the menu, as we color and decorate our aprons and chef's hats.

Time to Bake:  Each child receives "Teddy Bear Cookie Mix".  We'll mix, and stir and create personalized Oatmeal M & M cookies, and bake them up, so their nice and hot and ready to take home.  It may be hard to resist just eating one or two before we go!!

Games Galore: While the aroma of cookies spread through the house, we'll play "Cookie Games"

Everyone goes home with their treasure hunt surprise, apron, chef's hat and of course, Teddy Bear Cookies. 



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