Dinosaur Fossile Party Activity Package

Birthday Parties For Kids

$208.00 $299.00


Does your child “dig” dinosaurs? Our dinosaur birthday party includes a genuine fossil dig and is a great opportunity for children to touch and see incredible, museum-quality fossils and minerals up close. Our goal is to teach your child and guests to appreciate nature in its rarest form through an entertaining, hands-on experience. Children will even get to take home genuine fossils!

Your guests will also get to “Adopt A Dino”! The custom dinosaur activity allows your children and their friends to build a dino, and to hide a wishing heart in their new toy’s tummy! Every participant will get to bring home their stuffed animal along with a dino birth certificate that marks the date of the party.






Dinosaur Fossil Birthday Party

(60 minutes – $25 per child, loot bag included)

  • Your party guests will put on a lab coat and color a specimen bag.
  • They’ll hunt for dinosaur eggs
  • They'll hatch their dinosaur eggs and watch them grow
  • Your guests will dig for dinosaur bones and fossils, and they’ll even take some home.
  • We’ll give an educational presentation with fossils and bones that the children can touch, including:
    • a Tyrannosaurus rex skull
    • a Triceratops skeleton
    • Tyrannosaurus rex claws and teeth
    • dinosaur footprints
  • Our dinosaur expert will answer your child’s questions.
  • We’ll even play dinosaur background music during the party.

For more information on our dinosaur fossil birthday party, contact us today.


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