Tie Dye Teddy Bear Party Package

Birthday Parties For Kids

$208.00 $299.00


Children love the custom tie-dye teddy bear package at Birthday Parties for Kids! They’ll get to cherish a teddy bear that they made themselves for years to come.  If you wish, our tie dye teddy bear will speak with your child's special message.


Package One

($26.00* per child, loot bag included)

Each of your party guests will pick a white, 17-inch teddy bear with or without a t-shirt.

They’ll fill it with stuffing, participate in our magic wish ceremony, complete a customized birth certificate, recite our promise of love, and give their new friends a name.  

Your guests will tie-dye their new friend and its t-shirt* with non-messy paint bottles.

They’ll receive a loot bag.

For more information about our tie-dye teddy bears, give us a call at 514 781 0351.

Teddy bear t-shirts cost an extra $5.00 per child

Teddy bear voice chip with child's voice message cost an extra $8.00 per child.





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